June 16th, 2012

tw. hunter princess

[ SECRET POST #075 ]

[ SECRET POST #075 ]


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tw. hunter princess



This community is oficially closed, and we'll have no more submission or secret posts.

However there are lots of other places you can go for icon fun:

icon_talk - Icon makers talking about icons
icontwitter - Icon makers talking about icons in 140 characters.
anon_icon - Anons talk about icons and icon makers
weliketalking - Icon makers talking about stuff other than icons
magicawards - Awards for outstanding makers.

inspired20in20 - Stop talking, go make icons!
trope_overdosed - Stop talking, go make icons about tv tropes!
iconflashes - Stop talking, go make icons REAL FAST (a challenge a day)

Any other comms you think belong here, leave a comment and I'll include.