pantless pizza (mm3butterfly) wrote in iconsecrets,
pantless pizza

(Nit)Pick Me!

Another meme to keep your spirits up. Ever made an icon you loved but not many cared about? Why did that happen? Which kind of style you dabble with your watchers like better? What's your best icon, steel cage match style? Let's find out. This meme can work in many ways, post and see.

+ Create a new thread with your username and leave 3-5 icons made by you.
+ You can create more than one thread with different icons. But, please, try not to spam.
+ This is for people with balls. If you're scared of criticism, or simply won't listen to it, because "it's my super-awesome-style" (sorry, but ugly isn't a style), "they're just picking on me" or "they're jealous because I'm so good/get more comments", don't post a thread.

+ Look through the graphics posted on the thread, pick the BEST one and the WORST one. Then explain why you picked them as such.
+ Comment ANONYMOUSLY. You don't need to log out of your account, just click on "More Options" under the comment text area and check the Anonymous radio button.
+ This meme is for HELPFUL CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM. Point out what's, why's, how's and how to be better. Be honest, but don't be cruel. Point out what's good too.
+ You can be as vague or as specific as you want, but keep in mind the general etiquette of good concrit (as in "I just like it better" not being a good excuse). You can also leave concrit for the icons you didn't pick or for the style as a whole, but be clear about the ones you picked and why.
+ Be respectful of other's styles and tastes. Remember that "good" and "bad" is mostly your opinion. Think about that before writing shit, try not to be biased. Think about how would you feel if it was directed to you when phrasing your critique.

+ This post will remain open, so whenever you want new concrit just post a new thread and link to it on your journal.
+ Any questions or concers, leave on the comments thread.

Anonymity isn't an excuse for meanness, neither is criticism.
Pointless wank and personal attacks will be deleted by request of the victim. As a mod, I'll try to check every critique as well, and I'm not a very forgiving gal.


I'm thinking about turning this sort of memes into a regular happening. What do you say? Suggestions or ideas for new memes? Please leave them here.

Perks of being a mod: Pimping my baby-new graphics community, encorevous
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