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What's your darkest icon-related secret?
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We ALL have something to say, but don't want to say it face to face. It can be about your friend, but you don't want to say it to preserve the friendship. It can be about something random, but it isn't a popular opinion and you don't want to be singled out as the annoying one. It can be a whiny rant about how you think you're awesome but don't get enough comments. But you NEED to tell someone: to vent, to easy your frustrations, just to get it out of your chest and release the burden. Well, your problem is over: that's what this community is for! The icon making world is full of hidden secrets, and we want to hear yours.

Note that personal attacks won't be tolerated.


1. Watch the community, do not join it. The only members are the moderators. Note: It is possible to friend a community without being a member: just hit the +friend button like you normally would to add an ordinary user.

2. All secrets must be graphic-related. "Graphic-related" can mean related to a certain or specific kind of graphic (i.e. wallpapers in general, Vampire Diaries icons, overused textures), related to a general graphic topic (i.e. icon-making, trends you don't like, "I copied zzzz's style"), related to the icon community (i.e. bad attitudes, overrated things, "ttttt inspires me"), or pretty much anything. As long as it is graphic-related and not pointlessly wanky, anyone can submit a secret.

3. Any and all fandoms are welcome. Keep it graphic-related.

4. Please keep all secret-images under 500x500 pixels in size and please submit only one secret per comment.

5. Anonymous comments on secret posts are allowed, and IP addresses will not be logged;

6. Once a secret is submitted, it will be posted, unless it breaks the rules. Be sure it's something you're comfortable revealing, even anonymously!

7. Any questions should be directed to the FAQ.

8. Current Secret Submissions Post: check the links at the bottom of the latest post on the comm.


1. Each week the mod will put up a Secret Submissions Post in the community.

2. Pick a graphic-related secret and put it onto an image of whatever you like--but try to keep it related to the secret, if possible. All types and ratings of images are fine; your "image" can be something as simple as plain old typed words on MS Paint.

3. Upload your secret-image onto the internet through whatever image-sharing service you like, then post a link to your secret-image as an anonymous comment to the current Secret Submissions Post. Uploading to your own Photobucket account is plain stupid.

4. If you have more than one secret to post, post each as a separate comment.

5. Be sure to include all warnings that apply to your secret-image along with the comment. Also, you are responsible for knowing where the link to your image goes; we will not take the blame for broken links or any wank created by someone else discovering who submitted a certain secret.

6. Gratuitous personal attacks (secret without names blurred or something alike that bash an specific person) won't be accepted. Flame a style or fandom all you like, but if it gets specific, they won't be posted. Direct it to the graphics, the style, whatever, generalize it without pointing names. Don't link to the post/person. We aren't supposed to know who you're talking about.

6.a Don't: "xxxx is a bitch, she keeps demanding comments" "yyyyy icons are hideous"
6.b. Do: "People who get a hundred comments in a post and demand more are the worst." "Icons that overuse vibrancy are hideous"

7. Love secrets are okay and welcome ♥, or any sort of mention if it's not an attack.

8. Opinions stated like secrets (e.g. "I think XYZ rules. I'm afraid to tell my friends because they all hate its fandom.") will be posted. But opinions stated like fact (e.g. "LMN sucks!" "OPQ > all! fandom will eat me for some explained reason!") will not.

9. That's it! Wait for your secret to be posted in one of the following secret posts! Secret posts will be done once every week on Saturdays, at least on the beginning. As (if) the amount of secrets grow, we'll post it twice a week, three, and so on.

10. Any suggestions, comments, or concerns can be posted here.


iconsecrets isn't affiliated with anything or anyone. We don't make money off this, none of the secrets posted here are copyrighted to us, we aren't responsible for the content of the secrets and have no idea who actually is - that's the point of a secret, duh. Click at your own risk.

You gave us the link to your secret--don't wank at us about posting it. We didn't steal your art/fics/whatever--don't wank at us about posting that, either.

This info was adapted from fandomsecrets